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Meet Me

Hello! I am Carmalita, a fitness and nutrition coach, and founder of BOLD & FITT Fitness and Nutrition. Healthy living has been a passion of mine for over two decades.  and I desire to help others become the healthiest version of themselves.

I know what it feels like to lose yourself in various roles and I decided I was tired of taking care of everyone else while neglecting myself.  I began to seek God, invested in a spiritual life coach, and put in work to discover more of who I am. I also worked on becoming a better version of myself. I'm still on that journey, which I believe will last a lifetime.  

I also know what it's like to eat what the industry calls "healthy" and still not reach goals. I 


Because of that, I became certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic health/ nutrition weight loss coach.  For 20 years I was in public education and now I have officially changed classrooms, and it is my mission to educate, encourage, and empower other women to love themselves by being intentional about taking care of their temples so they can live life more abundantly. I help women who are ready to invest in themselves and make healthy lifestyle changes.  I am all about faith, fitness, food, and fun!  

Make sure to follow me online at :

IG: @boldandfitt

Tiktok: @boldandfitt

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